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Distinguished and Famous people from Illawarra

Al Grassby (1926–2005)

Al Grassby was an influential Australian politician and Minister for Immigration under Gough Whitlam's government. He was born in Wollongong, a city located in the Illawarra region of New South Wales.

Catherine Freeman (born 1973)

Catherine Freeman is a former Australian sprinter and Olympic gold medalist. She was born in Macksville, but grew up in the Illawarra region. Freeman became an icon in Australian sports history when she won gold in the 400 meters at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

David Campbell (born 1973)

David Campbell is a renowned Australian singer, stage performer, and television presenter. Born in Adelaide, he spent a significant part of his childhood in the Illawarra region. Campbell has released several successful albums and has had numerous TV appearances and theater roles throughout his career.

Simon Baker (born 1969)

Simon Baker is an acclaimed Australian actor and director. He was born in Launceston, Tasmania, but moved to the Illawarra region during his teenage years. Baker gained international recognition for his lead role in the TV series "The Mentalist" and has appeared in various notable films as well.

Tara Moss (born 1973)

Tara Moss is a bestselling Australian-Canadian author, former model, and TV presenter. She was born in Victoria, but spent her childhood in the Illawarra region. Moss has written numerous crime novels and has been an advocate for women's rights.

John Joseph Cahill (1891–1959)

Sir John Joseph Cahill was a prominent Australian politician and Premier of New South Wales from 1952 to 1959. He was born in Redfern but had strong connections to the Illawarra region throughout his life. Cahill played a significant role in the development of infrastructure, particularly in Sydney.

Linda Burney (born 1957)

Linda Burney is an Australian politician and member of the Australian House of Representatives. Born in Wollongong, she has represented the Illawarra region as a member of the Australian Labor Party since 2016. Burney is an advocate for Indigenous rights and social justice.

David Bradbury (born 1963)

David Bradbury is an Australian filmmaker and film director, known for his documentaries on various socio-political issues. He was born in Sydney but grew up in the Illawarra region. Bradbury has received multiple awards for his works, including an Academy Award nomination.

Paul Sironen (born 1964)

Paul Sironen is a former Australian rugby league footballer who played for the Balmain Tigers and the Australian national team. Born in Italy, he grew up in Wollongong and began his rugby league career in the Illawarra region. Sironen is considered one of the greatest forwards in the history of the sport.

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