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Illawarra Eco Green

Illawarra is a region in New South Wales, Australia, where various businesses contribute to promoting sustainable living practices. These organizations directly or indirectly help promote environmental protection, energy efficiency, and waste minimization. This article will highlight some of the businesses contributing to the eco-green system of Illawarra, their benefits, and contact details.

1. Clean Energy

Clean Energy is a company that produces and supplies renewable energy to households and businesses in Illawarra. It is an excellent option for people who are committed to using clean energy and who want to reduce their carbon footprint. By using renewable energy, customers can significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Clean Energy offers various packages, and people can choose the one that suits their needs. They can be contacted through +61 2 8688 5820 or info@cleanenergyaustralia.com.au.

2. Scoop Wholefoods

Scoop Wholefoods is a whole food store that offers customers an opportunity to make a difference in the environment by providing sustainable food options. They stock locally sourced organic produce, plastic-free items, grains, nuts, and dried fruits. Scoop Wholefoods sells products with minimal packaging, and customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags and containers. By shopping at Scoop Wholefoods, customers reduce their environmental impact and contribute to waste reduction. Contact Scoop Wholefoods at +61 2 4225 7439.

3. Solar Trust Centre

Solar Trust Centre is a company that designs and installs solar panels for households and businesses in Illawarra. Solar energy is an excellent option for power, which is cost-friendly and reduces carbon emissions. Solar Trust Centre provides consultation and installation services and provides customers with the opportunity to benefit from the government rebate scheme. By installing solar panels, customers can lower their environmental impact and energy bills. Solar Trust Centre can be contacted through 1300 264 009 or info@solartc.com.au.

4. Green Connect

Green Connect is an organization that provides employment to disadvantaged people while promoting eco-friendly practices such as sustainable food production, recycling, waste management, and environmental education. Green Connect works closely with local businesses and offers them waste management and recycling services. By supporting Green Connect, customers support sustainable practices and provide employment to local disadvantaged people. Green Connect can be contacted through (02) 4243 1537 or contact@green-connect.com.au.

5. Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb is a business that sells eco-friendly household and personal care products. Tom Thumb stocks products that are cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, and free from harmful chemicals. They also sell reusable products such as glass bottles and reusable bags. Tom Thumb’s products are carefully chosen by staff who ensure that they are of high quality, ethical, and sustainable. Buy from Tom Thumb and get the best eco-friendly products ranging from household goods to personal care items. Contact Tom Thumb through (02) 4200 9753 or at support@tomthumb.com.au.

6. OzHarvest

OzHarvest is an organization that aims to reduce food waste by collecting excess food from commercial food outlets and distributing it to those in need. It is a charitable organization that does not charge for this service. OzHarvest has partnered with a range of businesses in Illawarra, such as restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets, to collect excess food and distributes it to charities, schools, and other organizations. By supporting OzHarvest, customers contribute to reducing food waste and support those in need. OzHarvest can be reached through 1800 108 006 or through their contact form on their website.

These are just a few of the many businesses in Illawarra, New South Wales, that contribute to sustainable living practices. By supporting these businesses, everyone can make a difference in the environment and contribute to a better future. Contact these businesses and start promoting the use of renewable energy, sustainable food options, recycling, waste management, and reducing the carbon footprint.

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